5 Questions with Rebecca aka Ohmmus.Patronus

Feb 10, 2017 | Instructors

How did you get into Yoga? 

I got into Yoga because I wanted to be able to feel balanced through my mind, body and spirit. I learned at a young age that if one of the three are less or more active than the others you will feel uprooted. Being able to create stability and foundation through a meditative asana practice you’re able to apply what you do off your mat into the world. Yoga is a lifestyle not just a physical practice.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I would say people watching and making up pretend backstories about them as if their in a graphic novel.  You just never know if someone is a CIA agent, a traveling gypsy with psychic abilities or an alien. Endless possibilities.

If you could live in a book, tv show, or movie what would it be and why?

Well it is a close tie between Kill Bill and becoming a Kung Fu master with a sweet Katana being trained by Pei Mei, or  I would have to say Harry Potter. I mean my Instagram name is ‘Ohmmus.Patronus’.

If you could Master one skill you don’t have what would it be?

Hula Hooping

Who is your favorite Rebel and why?

My favorite Rebel is Marcel Duchamp who asked the question: ‘Can works be made which are not ‘of art’?’. Duchamp was an artist in the early 19th century that dabbled in the  Dada movement, an anti-rational, anti-cultural, anti-traditional art movement that questioned the logistics and reasoning of what art was until that point. Dada appealed to the sensibilities of an individual. In result Duchamp decided in 1917 to take a urinal, place it on its side and signed it R. Mutt. Being a well known artist at the time he submitted it to the Society of Independent Artists in the Grand Central Palace in New York City where the committee said no to acceptance of the piece. Now that is a BADA$$ Rebel! #whoareyoutoquestionart?

Rebecca’s Schedule

Rebecca’s Schedule