Join us on Wednesday June 28th, 7:30-8:45pm for a charity class for Operation Smile. 

We were touched by AJ’s story and the amazing work that Operation Smile does for people all over the globe. We wanted to help in any way possible for AJ to reach his fundraising goals.

Thank you Lindsay for introducing us to AJ, thank you Lacey and Rebecca for co-teaching the donation class and a big thank you to AJ for your your hard work to raise money for Operation Smile. We hope you go beyond your fundraising goals and get to join Operation Smile on one of their trips.

Donate and Sign up for class

The easiest way to donate and sign up for this event is to click the link below, make your donation, and write “Yoga” in the recognition name box.

“I decided to start raising money for Operation Smile after Dr. Magee visited my work and shared stories about various mission trips over the years. Surprisingly, the story that had the biggest impact for me was not about a child but instead a 60 year old man in Peru. This man had lived for 60 years with a Cleft Lip, he worked on a farm by himself in the mountains as far away from other people as possible. He had heard about the Operation Smile Mission and went into town to check it out, when he arrived the Operation Smile team told him they could perform the surgery that day. The man refused the surgery because he didn’t want to take resources that could be spent on a child. Eventually the Operation Smile team was able to convince the man to have the surgery and assured him that he would not take any resources away from a child. The next year when the Mission returned to Peru they saw the same man with a huge smile on his face and many new friends by his side.
It is a beautiful thing how easily you can drastically improve someone’s quality of life for $240 (average cost to support 1 surgery)
An added bonus for me is the opportunity to join a mission trip, all I need to do is raise more money than everyone else in my company. Currently I am in second place and closing in. This Yoga event is a nice way to take care of yourself while helping to improve the life of someone else. Does it get any better than that?

Aaron Balch