Hey Rebels! Did everyone have a fantastic 3 day weekend?!

This weekend we had the chance to reflect on our Intention Setting Workshop which took place in our Ardmore location before the start of the new year. The workshop was led by Nina Rizzo and Erica Cipolloni, two of our favorite local personalities and mindful-living professionals. At the workshop, we focused on setting new years intentions (as opposed to goals or resolutions).

You may find yourself wondering what exactly “intention setting” is, or how an intention is different from a goal. At some point or another we have all set goals for ourselves, small/big, short term/long term. We put our goals on a timeline and focus on achieving that goal so we can move on to the next one. As we do this, we end up living in the future – we think we will only be happy when we reach that final moment when the goal is complete. As we race to the finish line we forget to enjoy the race itself. So many of us forget to live presently and think about and thrive off of what makes us happy now.

For Erica, choosing to live a life of intention setting was a turning point and a life changing decision. She explains, “2019 was the most powerful year of my life. I was working in an industry where I knew I was fulfilling my life purpose despite making less money. I didn’t want to let my parents view or society’s view of this industry and its limited wage get in the way of my happiness. I found myself filling my mind with positivity, confidence, and love throughout the day. The more I told myself these things, the more I would really believe in myself, and the more opportunities flowed my way. I experienced a powerful cycle of setting intentions, believing those intentions, feeling what I was believing and receiving new opportunities from the universe – whether that meant closing or opening doors – that aligned with my passion. I wanted to share my experience with so many others because everyone has the power to shape the world they want through their intentions”.

Our event began with a definition of “intention” and a guided meditation by Nina Rizzo. Meditating together changed the energy and weight in the room; it created a space of grounded trust and comfort. We then picked five feelings we wanted to expand and feel more strongly to guide us towards forming our intentions. Sitting in your feelings and really choosing to let them ruminate is the key ingredient to manifestation. When you feel something within yourself, positive or negative, you create vibrations that attract like vibrations – hence the culture of “good vibes only”! When setting our intentions we focused on our inner foundations, mental and physical health, relationships, and our careers. The best part was sharing and discussing our intentions and seeing all of the different perspectives in the room – hearing what others wanted to work towards, what they wanted to feel more, receiving their vibrations and sharing our own. All of our journeys are different but we all have a reason for wanting to elevate our mindfulness and our daily presence. As we ended the workshop we had all created new connections and powerful intentions to carry into the new year!

The feedback from those who attended our Intention setting workshop was so positive that we’ve decided to host intention settings every 3 months! We hope to continue to build our community and share our vibrations with the world. Couldn’t make the last one but interested for the next one? Our next intention setting will be held in March – more details to come!

Want to get a better understanding of what intentions are? Click HERE to listen!