Saturday, May 12, Time 9:30am-2pm

Treat your microbiome!

10 minute probiotic facials for $10! Saturday, May 12, time 9:30am-2pm, first come-first served.

  1. Come in, have a seat, we’ll get you a 9oz glass of booch to swig at the bar while you are treated to your facial!
  2. We’ll apply our probiotic mud mask (sits for 7 minutes)
  3. After removing the mud mask, we’ll apply our SCOBY mask to sit 3 minutes (don’t worry it’s not as scary looking as you might imagine!)
  4. Then we’ll remove that mask and send you on your way with a healthy spritz of our Kombucha probiotic toner!

Not just for moms – All genders and ages welcome!