So many people jump into a class and watch what others do then try to mimic it without really understanding proper alignment. Without an understanding of the basic steps required to get into a posture and experience activating the appropriate muscles, there is a real risk of injury. This workshop series, taught by Cayla and Sue, is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics, fine tune their practice and learn the fundamentals of core engagement and body alignment to safely take their practice to the next level.


Classes are small so students will receive individualized attention. Modifications will be taught for each posture as well as the building blocks needed to take each pose to the next level. Students can sign up for the full workshop series for $85 which includes 4 – 75 minute classes offered 2 times per week — you choose whichever class time best suits your schedule. For the students who can’t commit to the 4 week series, we offer a drop-in rate that allows you to take a workshop class of your choice for $25.

Note: This is a workshop type series. Class focus is subject to change based on student ability and requests.

Workshop 1- Linking Breath to movement: Vinyasas and Sun Salutations
Workshop 2-  Warrior series
Workshop 3- Core engagement, Balancing poses
Workshop 4-  Spinal twists, Backbends, inversions

Feb 25 – March 22, Thursdays 7:30-8:45pm or Sunday’s 2-3:15pm
** Feb 25 class time 2:30-3:45
Teachers: Cayla and Sue

| $85

| $25